Halo 4 Livestream w/ Giveaways


We will be doing a midnight launch livestream of Halo 4 on 11/6/12. tune in to twitch.tv/gamerzdynasty. There will be prizes and giveaways to be won. if we get over 50 viewers at the same time we will giveaway a copy of Halo 4 to a lucky member. Other prizes include avatar codes and season pass codes.

Those interested in being part of the livestream post your gamertags and availability in the comments below. We may pick some from the comments and viewers to come and play.

Borderlands 2 Review

Long have we waited to get back into the shoes (well boots really) of the vault hunters and take up retro looking arms and shoot our way through mines and mines of crazies and wierdos. Wait no more for the borderlands 2 is here.

Let’s start with the classes. There are 4 classes to choose from. The Commando, The Gunzerker, The Siren or the Assassin. Even though all classes can pick up and use every weapon in the game each character has his/her own uniqueness that gives them a certain edge over others. Take the Commando class for example can spawn a turret to fight along side him for added support. The gunzerker goes into a rage frenzy where his damage and resistance goes up a bazillion percent plus he gets to dual-wield. Just watch the below video for the in-depth details.

The story of borderlands 2 takes place on the planet of Pandora (hmm what could possibly go wrong.) And this time the big bad boss is none other than Handsome Jack. The overall story is very straight forward. As in Borderlands 1 we found out that the vault is really a living creature in Borderlands 2 you will come to find that Jack is after the vault so he may control the beast within and in doing so control the world. Unlike the first installment of the Borderlands, this one actually manages to keep you interested in the story line. there are a few plot twists that i must say I did not see coming at all. But enough of the story. I doubt the story was your key selling point of buying this game. No you are more interested in its awesomeness.

Now there are many things that are the same in borderlands 2 like having different elemental weapons and a bazillion guns to choose from but lets see what they did differently. Borderlands 2 deals heavily in character customizations. For example as you might have seen in the video above there is this new thing called BADASS RANK. In a nutshell it pretty much shows how much of a BAMF you really are. By completing different challenges you gain points that can be put towards anything from how fast your gun can fire to how much shield you want to have or how fast they recharge. Of course the 3 main options of customizations are there which allow you to gain and unlock skills for your character but the BADASS points allow you to hone in and allow you to play more how you want to play. For instance you may find a sniper rifle that takes forever to reload. Well by investing in reload speed you can take up the same weapon and be able to reload it in a fraction of a second, granted you have enough points to invest :D.

For those that have watched my livestreams or have gamed with me in the past will know that I love grenades. and and all games that I play I master the art of grenades and explosions and as such came to fall in love with this game. There are many different grenade mods to choose from. each with its on specialty and purpose. Each grenade mode caters to a different play style and so different people will have different grenades. There are homing grenades that when thrown search out and destroy targets. There are sticky grenades (my halo fans will enjoy this). There are grenades that create singularities, bouncing betties, longshots (these bad boys instant transmission to wherever you point) and of course there are just grenades as well for the boring lot. Now here is the juicy bit. you dont have to choose one type over the other. you will come across many that are combined packages. Like my favorite grenade is a homing, sticky, singularity that does corrode damage.

This game has been immensely addictive and almost impossible to put down this hole time. what makes this game even more awesome is taking up a party of friends and playing it. There are so many different types of enemies to fight that it doesnt matter how high leveled you are or how awesome your arsenal is in the end you will die. Unless you can perfect the usage of you and your team mates.  The game is very challenging and thats what makes it fun. Combine the intuitive AI with the plethora of arsenal and the unique skillsets of each character together and you have yourself a recipe for a great gaming experience.

Now lets talk giveaway. For those of you keeping track of our tweets we have been talking about doing a Borderlands 2 Season pass giveaway. If you would like to participate in this give away click here. There are many ways to earn points. 1. leave a comment below stating your favorite character and your favorite skill for that character. 2. Tweeting about the site and the giveaway. 3. Following us on twitter @GAMERzDYNASTY

Gamers Got Game

Hello gamers!

We here at Gamerz Dynasty love video games and as such tend to get very competitive in games like Halo and Gears of War or even Call of Duty. In today’s world of gaming its not just a game. Many people have dedicated large parts of their lives to not only excelling but reaching the point where they can wipe the floor with everyone. I believe these are the hardcore gamers. There are so many of us out but very few get noticed. So we here decided to start a web exclusive series on YouTube. The series will showcase gaming talent across any and all platforms along with any and all competitive games.

Currently we are doing this for our members but if many of you readers who are not part of the community are interested in showcasing your game please feel free to leave a comment below and I will try to accommodate you.

Now here is the punch line that should really get everyone’s game mode on. At the end of each season you viewers will vote on which gamer of that season has the most game aka is the most awesome. The winner of each season will be gifted msp/psnp from us.

Game like a pro by listening like a Pro.

Hey all! For those of you who are gamers and take their gaming seriously one of the biggest questions we are faced with is which headset is the best. before I get in depth with this topic let me just put it bluntly first; There is no such thing as the best for EVERYONE! That being said the best for each individual will vary based on what he or she prefers. Remember at the end of the day you will be playing the game and you will be the one trying to out perform everyone else.

Many factors come into play when choosing headsets. There are the obvious things like how much it costs and whats the sound quality to esthetics and design and comfort. Ill go over all of these things and more. Take into consideration the type of gamer you are and the games you play. Each company makes and designs headsets that allow you to do better in some games than others.

So lets talk money. before you get all gung-ho on getting the “best” out there look into your wallet and see how much you can spend. Depending on your budget you will be able to buy either the latest gear or a bit outdated but effective set. For example if your budget is between $30-$60 then you will be purchasing either from Tritton or Turtle beach. both these companies offer wired Stereo headsets that allow for a great gaming experience. If you have between $100- $150 to spend then you can up the technology and go for a wireless headset that allows for the same thing. The higher in price you go the more options are available with your headsets. Between the 3 big headset companies (Astro, Tritton and Turtle Beach) Turtle Beach headsets allow for the most customization hands down. They offer certain features that others dont. One of these features is called chat boost. To better explain how this feature works think back to your headset that you have used and picture yourself immersed in gaming. You are playing a shooter and there are explosions and bombs and loud noises everywhere around you. Whilst this is going on your teammates and you are using callouts to determine the enemy positions. What Chat boost does is compensate for the loud volumes of the game and raises the chat volume automatically so you can hear it while the game goes on. Other headsets give you the control to manually increase/decrease chat and ingame volume but Turtle beach is the only one that has the feature where you can have it regulated automatically. There are certain headsets in the turtle beach arsenal that can be customized as to how high or low that chat volume goes.

The next big thing after budget is the durability and comfort of the headset. Mostly gamers who take their gaming seriously and play to win invest in headsets. As such these gamers go on for ours gaming. So one has to consider that the headset one buys will last long and feel comfortable. While performing the tests in terms of comfort the Astros take the prize hand down. Not only are they light but they have just the right feel and cushion on the ears so it really doesnt feel like having anything on. Second would be the Turtle beaches and lastly would be the trittons. In terms of durability Astros again take the lead due to the fact that it is comprised heavily of metal unlike the Beaches and Trittons that have mostly plastic parts.

The last bit that I used for comparison is sound quality and features. Without a doubt the Turtle beaches were victorious in this regard due to the customizations it offers. Not only are there presets one may cycle through but the beaches go as far as even allowing the gamer to manually select and scale how much or how little of something they want to hear. The company also allows for you to turn your already purchased stereo headsets into dolby surround sound headsets by getting their earforce DSS transmitter.

In my opinion, as a hardcore gamer, the turtle beaches would be my number one choice. niether headset excels more than others in all fields. there are compromises but honestly they arent that significant. One of the biggest selling factors for me was that only Turtle Beach makes Headsets that have built in batteries that one can use to recharge while playing, unlike other headsets that require the use of batteries.

My current setup comprises of the DSS hooked to my PX3. I have had this for about a year and love it. Hope you enjoyed the comparison and hopefully this has given you a different perspective on things. Now that you have read my opinion tell me what is yours? What do you prefer and why?

Hello world!

Hello and welcome to the next generation of online communities for gaming. We here at Gamerz Dynasty look to establish a fun filled gaming environment for all you nerds and geeks with consoles and whatnots out there. In the coming weeks you will see things coming out of our treasure chest like gaming nights and giveaways and contests. interested? hit us up anytime for a fun time.